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Crabby Emo Pants

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KOTO - I SEE [16 Nov 2010|03:55pm]

break my heart

[09 Dec 2005|05:37pm]

break my heart

[03 Oct 2005|07:55pm]

Sooo, My boyfriend Totally Fucked my brains out and then took me to target to buy me and my cat things.
4tears| break my heart

[03 Oct 2005|02:04am]

Hi! I'm Alisha. I live in Ames, Iowa.

Yes, we have running water in our homes, electricity and modern marvels like toasters and toilets.
j/k: although I had someone in California as me that, THEN ask me where Iowa was.

Ok, I'm very emotional. I wear my heart on my sleeve and cry to de-escalate. I'm a classic old school romantic. Therefore, when I'm hurt, I can be VERY emo.

So, Nice to meet you all!
break my heart

[03 Oct 2005|01:24am]

So I am drinking a miller high life and

1. it is sunday night
2. I'm listening to death cab for cutie
3. I'm waiting for my boyfriend to come home from the bar and I'm sad because He is taking too long.

is that Emo enough?
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[01 Oct 2005|01:23am]

Theres so much to say. So much I want to let go. But I won't. I don't ever want their to be a risk of letting you know. Too scared, I'm always to scared. Whatever. I had fun tonight and I know you did too. Maybe someday something will happen and it will be magical. Magic HAH. Thats trickery son.
break my heart

[01 Oct 2005|01:11am]

Damn, I realize this thing is a rocking lately with the people from the Flint crew and shit. Ami and I created this awhile back when we used to have many of emo conversations. I never really got to meet most of you guys. Either than maybe a "hi" here and there. SO HEY! Im Tommy. I can be pretty emo although most of the time I just drink and laugh and have a good time. As long as I'm not thinking about my crushes I'm a bundle of laughs and smiles. SO get to know me people.
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Being Together Just Made Me Miss You More [30 Sep 2005|09:26pm]


Two days is never enough. love is lovely. i miss you every moment. situated by the time snow falls. even closer, but still so far away. together once more next week.

i love you.
2tears| break my heart

[30 Sep 2005|03:10pm]

Heres a story/poem/song I wrote while waiting for Geography to start. I kinda see it as an old Charlie Daniels or Johnny Cash song. Its emo...kinda.

Johnny was a young and naive lad
about the ripe old age of 16
He thought he was set in life
with his love Mary Jo a pure beauty queen
They spent the days that summer together
always cheek to cheek
But when the leaves changed colors
Ole' Mary Jo's heart grew weak

She said,
"Johnny boy I'll always care for you,
But somethings different now,
I gotta move on and far away, but maybe,
we'll be one again someday....somehow"

Johnny was a'heartbroken and he grew quite mean
starting drinkin in the bars at old age 17
his mind became dark and his heart the color black
he swore he'd only change his ways if Mary Jo came back
He'd spend most nights at the bars, and when they closed
he'd take his drink out under the stars
he'd stay out until the sun came up, cursing about
and swallowing every lick in his cup

Then one day it happened there was a knock on his door
but when ole' Johnny answered, Mary Jo knew
that he was different than before
His hair was long and greasy
and his beard was to his chest
she said,
"Johnny boy, you didn't pass my test.
I wanna man who can take the pressures of the world
and still stand strong. A man who does the right thing
no matter whats went wrong. You have failed me Johnny
I'll be on my way now, but maybe we'll be one again

Johnny took the encounter as a way to change his life around,
He promised he'd be a better man, maybe mayor of this town
people laughed at him and said his new life wouldn't last very long
but Johnny was bound determined to prove em all wrong
He cut his hair and trimmed the bear to clean up his act
after a month of being sober people noticed his new tact
They starting paying attention to him
and taking a faith in his pact.
A couple years went by and Johnny became the apple
of many girls eye. so he'd take a new girl out 2-3
times a week. Not to bad for a young man, aged 23.

Then one night it happened all to like before
here came Mary Jo knocking on his door
And when he answered he was dressed in suit and tie
Mary Jo greeted him with a twinkle in her eye.
She said,

"Oh, look at you Johnny! You handsome young man.
I knew you'd come around, it was all part of my plan.
Now, Id like to stay here with you start our new life.
Oh Johnny please marry me, make me your wife"

Now this is where the story takes an unexpected curve
Johnny put forth a sigh and said "mary jo now its my turn.
I waited for you many a year and now I've grown a man.
But you see here dear, I got me my own plan.
Mary Jo, now lady, you didn't pass my test.
I want a wife who will love me better than the rest.
A wife that will stick by her man through thick and thin
And I'll be damned if I ever fall in love with you again."

Mary Jo couldn't believe what this man was laying down
she figured that he'd always be there just waiting for her
to come around. Her eyes teared up and she walked away
stomping on the ground.
Johnny said
"Oh and theres just one more thing that I'd like to
state clear and loud. we'll never be one again, no way, no how."

Now thats the story of Johnny and Mary Jo. People it ain't pretty
but thats the way love goes. If you got the one you want, you best not let them go
cause you don't know what the ways of the world and how everything will flow.
Oh Johnny went on and married a fine young girl named Sue. And Mary Jo knowone knows
where the hell she ever ran off too. But messing with a boys hear like that didnt do no good
maybe when Johnny told her off she finally understood.
I can't tell ya either way whatever happened to her.
And I dont care to find out, thats for damn sure.
break my heart

[30 Sep 2005|07:41am]

I'm Happy so I think I lose. :(
3tears| break my heart

[28 Sep 2005|01:02am]

I just want him to say he loves me sometimes. I hate saying it first all the time...

(Is this crappy emo enough?)
2tears| break my heart

Emo Kid anyone? [03 Sep 2004|03:41pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

Adopt your own emo kid!Collapse )

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[17 Aug 2004|10:15pm]

You know, this has to be a pretty aweful summer. But I am doing alright. My parents moved away to Utah abotu 2 months ago.. and my dog died.. and tmy family made me give away my 18 year old cat that i have had basically had my whole life. I had to take out student loans.. I have no job.. and boys are stupid.. and my grandparents ask em everyday when will i be moving out.. oh yeah and i need a new car.. and a million dollars.. that is my bullshit emo..
break my heart

[05 Jul 2004|12:41am]

Its been awhile, is this thing still here?
break my heart

[07 Jun 2004|06:50pm]

fuck this shit man. to much shit going on with me...

honesty post. phew, here we go.

latetly, ive been getting super sad and emo. and like more than normal. like it actually really bugs me and annoys me. whenever a possible girl to date pops in my head, it bugs me that im to scared shitless to test the waters. what the fuck could it hurt? when girls like me its not like my vision of them change. unless of course, im actually interested that they like me. then i get all ew and ah about it. but that never fucking happens. too many girls pass me by everyday and i see opportunities slip away. opportunities to be shot down? maybe but ive never really been shot down. i dont see it as being a big deal and maybe i just need to grow a pair and when it happens see that its not even something that will bother me. confidence is the key. i have a lot of confidence in myself. but i still do see other people seeing me as attractive. i like myself, but i dont think others do. get it?
who knows, who cares. im sure i'll have fun this summer either way. im just a guy who wants a nice girl who respects herself like i respect myself. ive only kissed 6 girls and i was dating 5 of them. one was a stupid drunken act and i did have fun. although i wouldnt like it to happen again. no regrets though. keep on a trucking. okay, gotta dump. bye.
break my heart

im so emo [31 May 2004|11:06pm]

HeyItsAmi: i hate who i am
HeyItsAmi: haha
HeyItsAmi: well i hate what i get with others
HeyItsAmi: i like everything im into obviously cuz its my thing but i hate how i havent gotten something really great from someone else nor has anyone doen anything for me
FourCryngOutLoud: yeah, i understand that..its like when is someone going to thnk im special and interesting and intriguing and shit like that
HeyItsAmi: yea
HeyItsAmi: when will some guy be like in the back of his mind whoa i liek this girl im gonna ask her to do soemthing with me
HeyItsAmi: and hes gonna be nervous
FourCryngOutLoud: yeaaaaaaaaah
FourCryngOutLoud: aw
FourCryngOutLoud: that needs to be in our LJ community
FourCryngOutLoud: hehe
HeyItsAmi: and hes gonna go to sleep and think o man i did something with her
HeyItsAmi: seriously ill put in in there
FourCryngOutLoud: haha kewl
FourCryngOutLoud: but yeah for real. i guess i want that too, like someone to have butterflies over me
FourCryngOutLoud: we are twins hahaha
HeyItsAmi: i made a pact
HeyItsAmi: to myself
FourCryngOutLoud: whats that?
HeyItsAmi: if im 22 and i havent gotten antying (i picked 22 cuz that gives me a year to go to the bars and take randoms home, even though i doont even see that one happening im not even that speical and thats low) im going to kill myself
FourCryngOutLoud: damn thats nuts. all over love? thats retarded ami
HeyItsAmi: hahhaha
HeyItsAmi: everything we do were just passing time before we can make love again
HeyItsAmi: and 3 years is too long
HeyItsAmi: aka 4.5 years
FourCryngOutLoud: and then i'll make a movie about it and in the end it will show someone u know crying at ur grave saying "if i only i had the guts to tell her how much she meant to me" sounds like a good song.
HeyItsAmi: well that person sucks
HeyItsAmi: if he didnt do anythign for me
HeyItsAmi: hahah
FourCryngOutLoud: i love what u just said. thats amazing. HeyItsAmi: everything we do were just passing time before we can make love agaon
did u come up with that?
HeyItsAmi: tis TRUE
HeyItsAmi: im honest
HeyItsAmi: thats what life is about
HeyItsAmi: i mean music movies friend drinkng counts
FourCryngOutLoud: hehe yeah fun way to pass the time
HeyItsAmi: but its not what its about, it helps us pass time easier before we can do our thing

heyitskacie0: whatever floats his boat
HeyItsAmi: whatever floats anyones boats
heyitskacie0: yea i guess
HeyItsAmi: at least its floating
HeyItsAmi: seriously
heyitskacie0: yea yea yeaaaaaaaa
HeyItsAmi: ive been comin up with such quick emo lines
HeyItsAmi: im a gem
2tears| break my heart

its for the worst your not my girl [27 Apr 2004|12:32pm]

[ mood | punchdrunk ]

i dont like the person you are now. im kinda glad that you and i arent you and i anymore. i dont care if you read this and hate me, and i dont care what happens anymore. im gonna move on from this like i should have in november. maybe id still be there. who knows. these strings are the only ones connected to my heart, that no one can play with.

1tear| break my heart

FIXED [19 Apr 2004|11:55pm]

Join join join! sex_aid
7tears| break my heart

My emo thought of the day... [19 Apr 2004|05:20am]

We can never be promised tomorrow so live for the moment ask yourself if tomorrow was not to be is this the life I would want everyone to remember me for?
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Bloody Apartment. [18 Apr 2004|07:53pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Let me tell you what is wrong with our apartment and what was wrong with it when we moved in.

~Out of the whole entire parking lot our parking spot is the only one that is a dirt patch the other spaces are paved.
~We are paying more for our rent then any other person in the complex, they are all identical rentals.
~When we first arrived here, there were at least 25 spiders at the front door ceiling all with there own spider webbed homes.
~The ultimate filthy windows ever.
~It smelled as we walked in.
~The Floors- the kitchen is teal tile flooring that was almost the same as the bathroom, the bathroom has pink and black tiled walls?!. The living room is brown short carpet that continues into the bedroom.
~The space is so small.
~Electrical outlet plugs- one day started using the vacumm on the only plug available in the living room that worked, the vacumm started on fire.
~Serious mold problem before we moved in on the fan on the walls.
~Front wall has water dripping down it on a constant basis.
~Oven starts fires.
~Extinguisher is out of date.
~Furnace is so loud that it keeps us up until 6 am most nights.
~No hot water half of the time. (due to the boiler leaking, the reason why we know that is mentioned in the next~)
~People downstairs that go down there and try to "help/fix" problems due to leaking or furnace problems, Yell as loud as they can, to the person standing next to them, in the most profane, bad languaged, U.P. style accent ever.
~ Due to snow and our landlord promising clean parking lots, with his lack of work, my parents the only time coming to see us, had to push there car out of the parking lot 2 times, with all wheel drive.
~ Landlord gave us a dirty letter about putting our heat down when we went home for a break, when we returned we had no heat and it was below 50 in the apartment, with only one blanket, good thing there is a 24 hour walmart to grab a blanket or two.
~We were promised and told that there was an air conditioner in the apartment. Needless to say it didn't work,stifelling hot when we tried to move our items into the building.
~Very noisy leaking faucet.
~Kitchen sink smells from previous.
~Landlord calls and knocks on the door at the rudest times possible.
And last but not least. ~One night while turning on the light due to the water on the front wall.Elecrtical shock.

And that's our home sweet home, but not for long.

2tears| break my heart

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