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Bloody Apartment.

Let me tell you what is wrong with our apartment and what was wrong with it when we moved in.

~Out of the whole entire parking lot our parking spot is the only one that is a dirt patch the other spaces are paved.
~We are paying more for our rent then any other person in the complex, they are all identical rentals.
~When we first arrived here, there were at least 25 spiders at the front door ceiling all with there own spider webbed homes.
~The ultimate filthy windows ever.
~It smelled as we walked in.
~The Floors- the kitchen is teal tile flooring that was almost the same as the bathroom, the bathroom has pink and black tiled walls?!. The living room is brown short carpet that continues into the bedroom.
~The space is so small.
~Electrical outlet plugs- one day started using the vacumm on the only plug available in the living room that worked, the vacumm started on fire.
~Serious mold problem before we moved in on the fan on the walls.
~Front wall has water dripping down it on a constant basis.
~Oven starts fires.
~Extinguisher is out of date.
~Furnace is so loud that it keeps us up until 6 am most nights.
~No hot water half of the time. (due to the boiler leaking, the reason why we know that is mentioned in the next~)
~People downstairs that go down there and try to "help/fix" problems due to leaking or furnace problems, Yell as loud as they can, to the person standing next to them, in the most profane, bad languaged, U.P. style accent ever.
~ Due to snow and our landlord promising clean parking lots, with his lack of work, my parents the only time coming to see us, had to push there car out of the parking lot 2 times, with all wheel drive.
~ Landlord gave us a dirty letter about putting our heat down when we went home for a break, when we returned we had no heat and it was below 50 in the apartment, with only one blanket, good thing there is a 24 hour walmart to grab a blanket or two.
~We were promised and told that there was an air conditioner in the apartment. Needless to say it didn't work,stifelling hot when we tried to move our items into the building.
~Very noisy leaking faucet.
~Kitchen sink smells from previous.
~Landlord calls and knocks on the door at the rudest times possible.
And last but not least. ~One night while turning on the light due to the water on the front wall.Elecrtical shock.

And that's our home sweet home, but not for long.
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