ami. (anarchy_queen) wrote in cliche_lj,

im so emo

HeyItsAmi: i hate who i am
HeyItsAmi: haha
HeyItsAmi: well i hate what i get with others
HeyItsAmi: i like everything im into obviously cuz its my thing but i hate how i havent gotten something really great from someone else nor has anyone doen anything for me
FourCryngOutLoud: yeah, i understand that..its like when is someone going to thnk im special and interesting and intriguing and shit like that
HeyItsAmi: yea
HeyItsAmi: when will some guy be like in the back of his mind whoa i liek this girl im gonna ask her to do soemthing with me
HeyItsAmi: and hes gonna be nervous
FourCryngOutLoud: yeaaaaaaaaah
FourCryngOutLoud: aw
FourCryngOutLoud: that needs to be in our LJ community
FourCryngOutLoud: hehe
HeyItsAmi: and hes gonna go to sleep and think o man i did something with her
HeyItsAmi: seriously ill put in in there
FourCryngOutLoud: haha kewl
FourCryngOutLoud: but yeah for real. i guess i want that too, like someone to have butterflies over me
FourCryngOutLoud: we are twins hahaha
HeyItsAmi: i made a pact
HeyItsAmi: to myself
FourCryngOutLoud: whats that?
HeyItsAmi: if im 22 and i havent gotten antying (i picked 22 cuz that gives me a year to go to the bars and take randoms home, even though i doont even see that one happening im not even that speical and thats low) im going to kill myself
FourCryngOutLoud: damn thats nuts. all over love? thats retarded ami
HeyItsAmi: hahhaha
HeyItsAmi: everything we do were just passing time before we can make love again
HeyItsAmi: and 3 years is too long
HeyItsAmi: aka 4.5 years
FourCryngOutLoud: and then i'll make a movie about it and in the end it will show someone u know crying at ur grave saying "if i only i had the guts to tell her how much she meant to me" sounds like a good song.
HeyItsAmi: well that person sucks
HeyItsAmi: if he didnt do anythign for me
HeyItsAmi: hahah
FourCryngOutLoud: i love what u just said. thats amazing. HeyItsAmi: everything we do were just passing time before we can make love agaon
did u come up with that?
HeyItsAmi: tis TRUE
HeyItsAmi: im honest
HeyItsAmi: thats what life is about
HeyItsAmi: i mean music movies friend drinkng counts
FourCryngOutLoud: hehe yeah fun way to pass the time
HeyItsAmi: but its not what its about, it helps us pass time easier before we can do our thing

heyitskacie0: whatever floats his boat
HeyItsAmi: whatever floats anyones boats
heyitskacie0: yea i guess
HeyItsAmi: at least its floating
HeyItsAmi: seriously
heyitskacie0: yea yea yeaaaaaaaa
HeyItsAmi: ive been comin up with such quick emo lines
HeyItsAmi: im a gem
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